If you follow the paper trail from my email and machine you will see that I purchased this juicer directly from Omegajuicer .com MMHDS900 in December of last year. It did not work from the very start because the celery backed up, the end cap got hot and fused together.

Four months later I finally got replacement parts. Since then I have been very careful to remove the parts and clean them after every 12 ounces(not 16 as the directions say) which is truly a pain in the - (you know what) because the metal screen piece is SO HARD TO CLEAN!!!! I imagine this is a part of the reason the celery is getting stuck and backing up after 12 ounces. However, TONIGHT I got distracted (3 sick children under 5 yo) and forgot to take it apart and clean it after the 12 ounces.

It backed up, and melted together before I caught it.

I will need replacements for the celery end piece and the piece it attaches to. If I remember correctly, they have to be shipped from two different parts of the company.

I wonder if I need a different grater piece too. Do you think that would help?

Thanks so much!


User's recommendation: You can easily get a lemon.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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